When It’s Time to Do Nothing

Interesting concept and for some incredibly hard to do. Are you the type that while sitting and watching a movie or television, or while waiting for an appointment is also answering emails, messaging, checking social media? Or are your thoughts on an expedition to somewhere land? Have you ever started one thing, stopped part way… Continue reading When It’s Time to Do Nothing

For all those Givers!

I thought I’d try something different this week, so I’ve done a vlog or I think that’s what its called lol 😉 It’s raw footage under two minutes, no edits, speaking from the heart … It’s for those of us that are givers and find it difficult to receive. Maybe you’ll find some inspiration in… Continue reading For all those Givers!

Heart Retreat

I’m sitting in my kitchen, the French doors are wide open, it’s been raining, and I can’t help but breathe in the freshness of the air. Love, the delicious smell of nature after a good rain. Although the scene appears quiet and contemplative, there is a community of boisterous ravens and other species of birds… Continue reading Heart Retreat

When Dreams Heal and Magic Happens

I was tired and decided this week to take a couple of days off to rejuvenate. My thinking mind had been overactive and was draining my energy, and I needed to reconnect and re-align with my soul. So, over the last couple of days I rested and felt rather than thought and was led to… Continue reading When Dreams Heal and Magic Happens

The Power of Prayer and Intention

To be prayerful does not mean that you have to be a part of a religious group or dogma. Prayer is all about intention. It is about feeling into and asking for what is within your heart. What is it that you need at this moment to bring forth love, harmony, and happiness? What is… Continue reading The Power of Prayer and Intention