This Week’s Reflection

It’s been a busy week and today has been a good time for reflection. Over the past few months, something beautiful had been developing about the direction of my life and purpose. I’d been working hard, and what I hadn’t really understood until now is I’ve been doing profound soul inner work. It hasn’t been… Continue reading This Week’s Reflection

A Message from the Guardians of the Light

The energy of love flows within the universal stream of light. Dear ones, know that you are love. Know that love resides within all beings on this earth plane. Know that love has been hidden for far too long. It’s time children of earth to claim your right. Stand in love, be love and know… Continue reading A Message from the Guardians of the Light

Star Child – The Soul Sings

First Published in Sibyl Magazine January 2018 As a small child, I used to run around singing, ‘I’m a star child, I’m a star child.’ To be honest, I never thought about what it meant or was. I suppose I just knew, and it made me happy to skip and sing. The innocence of a… Continue reading Star Child – The Soul Sings