Maria’s Musings

Creativity flows in many ways. For me when I write, I love to frequent local cafés to inspire my muse, that wise, sometimes humorous, other times poetic and loving self. Have you ever felt so grateful that your heart expanded and shone a light so bright all you could do was bathe in the euphoria?… Continue reading Maria’s Musings

Did I Ever Tell You – Poetry in Motion

Did I ever tell you how much I love you Or did you hear it in the whispering of my thoughts I could have, would have and should have But the time was never right. Today, I sit in silence for your not around for me to say I love you, I truly love you… Continue reading Did I Ever Tell You – Poetry in Motion

Who’s Leading the Way?

First Published Sibyl Magazine September 2018 Life is exciting, I mean it is. It reminds me of metres of yarn of all different textures and colours being knitted together to create an abstract piece of art. I love that we can have the freedom within our western society to be who we want, and to change… Continue reading Who’s Leading the Way?