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Soul to Soul


We have wisdom within, and it is waiting for us to sit within the silence and open to the stirrings of our heart.

I sat within the silence and this is what I wrote ….


Picture drawn by Maria Lacey 2011


I want to step through a doorway without having to open the door.

I want to move with ease, not clouded by self-doubt, limiting beliefs and fear.

I want to recognise you, feel the purity of our souls connecting as we dance within a stream of love. Every smile, every touch, illuminating our light that shines brilliantly in appreciation with, and for, our connection.

I want to be in harmony and balance and let the laughter of my soul breathe light into the sacredness of this moment.

I want to ingest the beauty of our planet and all sentient beings. Walk with grace and appreciation upon this our Mother Earth.

I want my spirit to feel at ease within this flesh, so I may appreciate it, and treat it with respect as the body temple that it is.

I want to take responsibility for my actions, and be kind, compassionate, and forgiving of myself when my conscious and unconscious beliefs and conditioning move me to act from a fearful place.

I want to learn, and recognise the wisdom within each moment, even those that are uncomfortable.

I want to feel the richness of gratitude with every breath and movement of my body.

I want to be ONE and walk within the I AM Presence … an omniscient being connected to source.

From my soul to yours,



Bye bye 2015 and welcome 2016


Well what a year 2015 has been ….

Filled to the brim with many meaningful as well as challenging moments. Each moment, breath and experience being interwoven into the tapestry of our life. Laughing, I’m certain that mine would look quite abstract, but then again I love abstract.

Imagine, splashes of colour, some intense, others pale, some vibrant, others dull. As we stand back to observe, every weave of colour was our energy, an investment of living our life to the greatest ability of who we were in that moment. On reflection, we may see patterns in the weave, these are seen to gain understanding and knowledge.

The end of the year is a wonderful time to reflect and be kind to ourselves, and to look upon our creation with compassionate eyes.

We are evolving, sometimes we feel regressing, yet when we really connect to our inner knowing, there is no regression. If you could take the time, you will be able to source the pearls of wisdom, for there are many.

Through reflection, do we continue with our old story, hold onto our baggage and struggle?

Or do we take the opportunity of a New Year and connect to the eternal stream of love and stand empowered with humility and vulnerability, and with courage choose to step up and into the potential of the enlightened beautiful soul that we are.

2016 my word is TRUTH – Seeing the truth in my actions, thoughts and feelings. And with loving intention I will speak my truth with authenticity.

I wonder if you had to choose a word for 2016, what would it be and why? If you wanted to post yours, I’d love to read it 🙂

Well, I must be going as I’m running late for a NYE beach party. Smiling, for the past decade or more, on NYE I have chosen to stay home and meditate on the cusp of midnight. Now don’t get me wrong, I loved doing it and gained much from it.

But times are changing, and I’m creating a new stream of energy to flow into the New Year and I’m pretty excited.

To you the person reading this, I’m sending you much love and may 2016 be filled with good health, happiness, and an abundance of everything to support you and those you love.

Live, laugh, feel the passion and create an awesome tapestry for 2016.

Until next year


Whoa! It’s Christmas


This time of year can catch up on us very quickly to find that we have less patience, feel fragmented, physically as well as emotionally stressed, and most importantly of all, we can be stretched for time. Our environment at work and at home can seem chaotic and the people around us may appear unsupportive and insensitive to our needs.

Even if you absolutely love Christmas or don’t celebrate it at all – it’s hard not to be affected … or dare I say infected.

For some, there will be times that you could pull your hair out and scream, as the relationships and planning towards a happy family Christmas start to break down causing you distress.  For others who have lost loved ones, loved ones are unwell, or you are spending Christmas on your own, you may be struggling with feelings of fatigue, grief, loss and isolation.

As you struggle, there may seem to be a loose wire that disconnects you from your inner self. That balanced and knowing part of you that knows love, compassion, generosity, celebration and happiness. You know of it, yet you just can’t seem to reconnect to it!

Your body, mind and spirit is aching for you to STOP and BREATHE and fix that loose wire, with the intent, that loving energy will flow with ease once again.

So why do we put so much pressure on ourselves whether that be emotional, physical or financial? Why can some of us feel so lost, isolated and experience so much sadness and frustration? How can we reconnect to the spirit of Christmas or even the spirit of love, our connection to Source/God?

Below I share some strategies that may support and ignite the light within, hopefully assisting you to feel lighter, happier and at peace:

  1. Breathe out and let the stress fall away. Sit down with a pen and paper and empty your thoughts and feelings onto the page. Or sit with a trusted friend, or professional counsellor, and be heard. Sometimes when we open to communicate we take the pressure off the mind and body, empowering us to see and feel with clarity and gain perspective.
  2. Look after yourself and take time out whether that be a walk in the park, a yoga class, or receive a massage, Reiki, or some other form of nurturing. Whilst in this experience be mindful of your breath, be present, and let go of the concerns around you, giving yourself permission to just BE. 
  3. Think positive thoughts – Remind yourself that your thoughts create your world. If you have thoughts that are not loving or supportive of you, say, “CANCEL, CANCEL, CANCEL”. You do know, its okay to be happy.
  4. There is great comfort in remembering those awesome moments and experiences that made your heart sing. Those memories will help to raise your vibration.
  5. Meditate daily – only ten minutes per day will have a positive effect.
  6. Know that when you feel reconnected, anchored and in your centre, the very things that upset you may seem less of an obstruction. You’re likely to feel more energised and happy, which could create a positive ripple effect especially to those close to you as they will experience the brightness of your spirit.
  7. Each day ensure that you check-in with your body and mind, and recharge and rebalance yourself regularly.

The loss of a loved one …

  1. This time of year can be very difficult. You and your family may choose to write individually on a piece of paper one of your happiest memories with that person, describing it in detail and then placing it in a beautiful gift box. Then at your family Christmas get-together, you could place your gift boxes in a basket under the Christmas tree, and during the day sit around together and one by one place your hand in the basket, pull out a gift box, and read what has been written to the rest of your family. There you can share your happy memories and tears in honour of your loved one whilst supporting each other.
  2. Lighting a candle for those that you have lost and talking to them can also bring great comfort.

Alone at Christmas …

  1. If you are alone at Christmas, you could do what I have done for many years and that is say yes to invites from friends, or you could instead treat yourself to some good food, a fun video and sit and enjoy your own time in your sanctuary, reminding yourself that it is only one day. This is a great time for meditation, contemplation and tuning out if you like. Can you tell I’m an introvert? lol.
  2. I do know of many others that have chosen to create their own special ritual at this time of year. Such as; creating an event for an orphans Christmas where you invite families or singles that may be alone and away from extended family at this time of year. Arrange to meet at a public park and set the intent that each person bring along a fun activity and food to share. I have organised one of these and it was one of my most memorable Christmas days.

Remember, that you are never alone … if you believe in angels, guides, God and many other benevolent beings, know that they are always with you. Take the time, and openly share with them. Ask them to support you.

They may send you little signs such as; yours or a loved one who has passed favourite song may play on the radio, white feathers may appear along your path, a gentle warm or cool breeze flowing past you. Your attention may be drawn to a particular book, or photograph, you may even sense a familiar smell that makes you feel comforted.

Most of all, if you do feel in crisis and are unable to speak with those around you. Call Lifeline on 13 11 14 (Australia).

christmas candle2

A Christmas Candle … Poem by Maria Lacey

A Christmas candle I light today,
May it bring an abundance of love your way.
Those in our hearts, no longer here.
May you feel their love,
So true, so dear.

Today, I remember those here and there,
And count my blessings for the love we share. 
You are the light and love within me,
Fond memories are stored for eternity.

Merry Christmas and may 2016 be filled to the brim with happiness, love, peace and prosperity.

With love and blessings,


Supporting Change Through The Universal Shift


I love spring – It just opens my heart to see such beauty as nature’s richness and colour shines through. I love the feeling and warmth of the sun, along with the coolness of the breeze and those lovely warm days and cool nights for sleeping.
Bliss 🙂

Amongst all of this beauty there is a sense of each and every one of us opening to something new, a knowing is bubbling within and a connection of things to come, yet for some, the veil is not quiet open to allow you to see clearly the direction in which you will go.

Through this unknowing the universal law of cause and effect sets in motion and our internal primal fear may rise to create some discomfort such as; feeling anxious without knowing why, emotional outbursts or withdrawal, feelings of isolation, uncertainty, lack of passion, sense of being in limbo, light headed and ungrounded.

We could allow our feelings of discomfort to let fear drive us as we dig our heels in and try to stop this change from happening. However there is a greater force moving us, and the more we try to stop it, the harder it is to keep our balance.

Change is happening whether we like it or not …

The universal shift is taking place and the unique and authentic self is awakening to your soul’s purpose and truth, which is now more than ever expressing itself.

Love is the only true way of being, and the light within is illuminating

Let the shadow side of yourself and those pieces that had been hidden emerge, so they may be seen and acknowledged with acceptance, healing, growth and enlightenment, all with compassion and self-love.

Be mindful and watch and observe the signs and allow your journey to unfold.

Be in the flow …

Journal, and as you write ask your soul to reveal your next step. Be a great listener for when you stop the thinking and talking in your head you might be surprised as to what guidance you may feel, hear and see. Remember our loved ones and those benevolent beings are always around to support us. When we’re in our busyness it’s hard to be aware of the signs and be in sync with life and living.

Take responsibility for your actions, listen to what you say, and be mindful to think and speak with positive intention for everything is manifesting much quicker than ever before.

You may choose to seek counsel from professionals to help support your transition. It’s okay to ask for help, we are all in this together.

Spend time in nature for your heart yearns for this connection. Many of us have truly forgotten to take personal time to sit, listen and feel, forgetting that we all have the gift of personal insight.

Recall the last time your head, heart and feelings were in alignment and how it felt and served you well – let your heart and soul guide you to remember.

As the Guardians of the Light say, “Seeing through the eyes of your heart truly gives you a real view of your inner and outer world. Seeing through the eyes of your heart connects you to a greater more encompassing view.”

Until next time


Copyright © Maria Lacey 2015

Hot Flushes – Get Me Out Of Here!


Sundays, a day I usually put aside for relaxing while I enjoy a leisurely breakfast dressed in my pyjamas. No rushing, just the pleasure that I can look like scary Mary for as long as I choose, providing of course I’m not caught by someone knocking on my front door. Then, I might giggle afterwards as to the surprised and sometimes shocked look by the person that stood there.  I could tell you many stories of being caught, which I have to admit are hilarious, embarrassing and downright memorable, but today we will have to stick to the subject Hot Flushes – Get Me Out of Here.

This particular Sunday I woke at 6.30am feeling on top of the world. I got up, put some washing on, enjoyed my breakfast of cooked quinoa with a little maple syrup, some goat’s milk and a dollop of Greek yoghurt, and then enthusiastically began cleaning my house. Now I know I said I put aside Sundays for relaxing, yet surprisingly the result of seeing my house clean, was very relaxing for me. I’m sure there has to be others like me out there. Finished! I paused, it smelt and looked great, now to a nurturing and cleansing shower, then dressed and ready to appreciate the rest of my day.

When you work from home it’s a breath of fresh air to go out and have a coffee or lunch somewhere, and a change of scenery can inspire the creativity and help replenish your energy.

Now looking and feeling good I decided to pop into my local shopping centre. There’s a nice little café that had scrumptious gluten free muffins and a good soy latte. The staff were always welcoming, and I could sit in a corner on a comfy chair and not feel pressured to leave. Bliss

Having parked, collected my mail on the way in and ordered my soy latte and muffin, I’d sat down to relax and write. Now half way through my muffin and enjoying my cuppa I looked up from writing and …

A rush of energy erupted through my neck and face, creating a bright cherry red, and my face felt as if it was on fire. Oh no … a burst of perspiration exploded from every pore in my body …. If only I could tear off my top!

Realising I only had a bra underneath, this was not an option. I looked around to see if anyone had noticed. I talked silently to myself, okay, I won’t drink any more hot coffee, and Maria take your time and enjoy your muffin. I took another bite, see it’s not as bad as you think. Beads of sweat trickled down my face and in-between my breasts. My skin burnt against my clothes and the chair felt hot and uncomfortable. I’d hoped that when I got up it hadn’t left a pool of water, or worse still a sweaty wet patch on my behind. I touched my forearm and it was clammy, my underarms felt soaked. I thought to myself, Oh good Maria this is just great! Okay now breathe. But breathing did not ease the heat, nor the anxious feeling rising within my chest not unlike pins and needles.

Alright, get up slowly and head for the door….. it’s okay, no one will notice you….. once outside and in some fresh air, you will be fine.

I packed up my things sadly looking at the barely drunk coffee and half eaten muffin and thought to myself, it doesn’t matter, you didn’t need it anyway. Don’t we justify beautifully.  I’m on my way through the shopping centre feeling quiet exposed and vulnerable. I stopped at a dress store to hide behind a rack of clothes as I indiscreetly blew up my face to cool myself down, my fringe moved with the rush of air. My eyes searched for a mirror to check the back of my trousers.

I started to feel a little better and glanced to my side to see this elderly lady sitting on a nearby bench smiling at me. You know with that knowing smile. I whispered, menopause, she smiled and said, “Yes I know dear, been there and done that.” All of a sudden the body now screams out, THANK YOU, someone understands, and then responds with an almighty hot flush just to confirm! My eyes quickly darted around searching for an escape. I hastily nodded with acknowledgement to the lady, and with as much dignity as I could muster, I raced towards the double doors trusting that they would open quickly and allow me to GET OUT!!

In the safety of my car, I wound down the windows, put on the air, felt the breeze on my face and laughed…. oh did I laugh. Why did I laugh so much?  Because my experience flashed in front of me like a movie, and all of a sudden it looked quiet comical.

Now some of you may be thinking, thank goodness I’m not anywhere near menopause or I’m a man and I don’t get menopause. For those females that are not there yet, your time will come. It is a rite of passage that we all flow through, and some of us easier than others. For those men shaking their heads; if you are in a relationship with a female, have a mother, sister or female friend, it might be worth your while doing a little research to gain an understanding of a woman’s hormonal changes, which can affect us and YOU in many ways.

It’s interesting the word chosen for this rite of passage – MEN O PAUSE – hmmm I wonder whether that means anything.

Later that day I was talking with an elderly male friend and, he kindly said to me,

“Maria it’s only a power surge.”

The sound of that word, power surge, saw me visualise myself with an enormous light illuminating from within. It connected me to my inner strength and my feminine power, and this time my body did not choose to respond with a sudden burst of heat. It felt empowered and I felt proud to be a woman, hot flushes and all.

Trust you have enjoyed reading my article and I look forward to your feedback.

Until next time,


Copyright © Maria Lacey

Following a spiritual path – oh shit I’m human too …

Blog Pic

I had finished my book One Path, Many Lights and sent it off to the publisher in preparation for printing. As I sat in my chair in my family room preparing to meditate. My attention was drawn to the energy lifting from the ground and moving up towards the ceiling. I watched intently as many white translucent clouds within the room moved upwards with ease. A thought came, and I recognised that it was my own energy moving out of my home here in Bendigo. It was time to move!

Over the next couple of weeks I organised my book launches and came to Mt Eliza to research where I would live on the Mornington Peninsula. I was happy and everything was flowing and life felt in sync. Within three days I found a place to live. Then on the 26th June I had my book launch at the Conservatory Café at Wyreena Community Art Centre in Croydon, and what a humbling night filled with so much love and support. I then travelled back home to Bendigo for my final free community meditation class and book signing on the 7th July, another evening filled with love, laughter and friendship.

On the 15th July I packed up my home and everything I owned and as the truck drove away to the holding yard for the night. I jumped in my car and drove the two hour journey to my new home in Mt Eliza, and camped out for the night in preparation for the removalist coming at 8am the next morning.

Bright and early the next morning, I was delighted and surprised to answer the front door because my friend Maria Hill was there to help me unpack. In fact, she came an hour earlier than we discussed. I can honestly say Maria on that day was my Earth Angel. Within ten minutes of her arrival I’d just informed the neighbours of the removalist van arriving, walked down my neighbour’s stairs, along her walkway to see the young men from the removalist company walking towards me. I waved, not realising there was a side gutter on the walkway, my left foot fell into it, I heard a loud pop and I was down on the ground before I had an opportunity to take my next breath.

The pain was intense, I went into shock, my whole body shaking, clammy and cold, and I started to wheeze finding it difficult to catch my breath. I could see myself because I was out of my body, spiralling. When I connected to my physical body I felt nauseous and faint. I could hear myself talking and reassuring me that I would be okay. I focused really hard and as I took off my shoe and saw my ankle, I started to spin again, this time trying not to faint. Not long later I was taken to hospital in an ambulance. You see, I broke my left ankle and ruptured two of my ligaments, OUCH!!

Maria was left to deal with the removalist, Telstra and a plumber, and what a mighty job she did. At the time I didn’t realise it, but everything was still in flow and in sync, it had to be, she had come early and unexpected. Thank you with all of my heart Maria for your courage, laughter (you know what I mean) and organisation.

In shock for several days, those close to me rallied to unpack my home to ensure I was comfortable. I was meant to fly to the USA for a Sound Therapy course a week later and had to cancel. Financially it could have been disastrous, but I have since received all monies back from the course and accommodation less a fee of $400 for cancelling my airfares. Even that has been tempered with the return in $US because I gained most of the loss back.

During this past six weeks, I felt incredibly supported by my friends who are my family. There have been those who have visited, unpacked, cooked, shopped and taken me on an outing or two.  There have also been many who have phoned, emailed and messaged with their kind and loving support and that has nourished my spirit. Thank you to everyone.

I’m healing well, and you may wonder, what was that all about? I know I did. Many in spiritual circles will have their own thoughts and ideas.  Some have stated I had to slow down and nurture myself, and others have stated it was the wrong time to go to the USA. What I do know is the second book has commenced a little earlier than expected, and more healing and understanding of old patterns that emerged, have now been seen for what they truly are – old patterns!

I’ve been exhausted, sobbed, felt sadness and released. There was no excuse to hide or ignore, and know where to run (pardon the pun). My authentic-self urged me to listen to my soul, my heart, and to experience and take action, and to break the shackles that I had so cleverly created at a time they were needed – but no more. Those old patterns were not in my conscious thoughts, they were deep in the subconscious steering the way. The shoulds all fear based of course. I should do this, I should do that. Then there was the realisation of the emotional garbage that had accumulated, and was buried deep within the subconscious. I was not at the wheel, they were. It was time to claim the driver’s seat, be fearless and more present in my life and clean the emotional debris hidden within, and open to love in its purest form.

These past few months and the recent super moon have been such an opportunity for each of us to grow and evolve. As part of that evolvement we are being called to action, there is nowhere to hide. We can try to ignore, but everything is being unearthed for our greater good and that of our planet.

As a light worker, I have a responsibility to grow and evolve so that I may assist others not just by words on a page, but by example. As I grow, I become more peaceful, and my light becomes brighter and energetically it supports our Mother Earth and those that I meet along my path. Yes, I’m also human and flawed, and that is why I’m sharing my story, in the hope that it may inspire and support you on your journey. The spiritual path can be a lonely one, but I cannot do this alone as a human being. Many lights shining together create an enormous glow, and the web of light lifts the spirit of man/woman, all sentient beings and our Mother Earth.

Today, my energy has returned along with creativity and clarity. My meditations are more insightful and I’m happy and accepting of the path that is unfolding. I feel aligned with Mother Earth, connected to God and stronger in my physical and emotional bodies. My heart is full to overflowing with love, I close my eyes and send out a stream in all directions. Open to receive for all is flowing to support you my friends – we can do this together.

My first book commenced with a suspected aneurism in my carotid artery, now my second with a broken ankle. Each book has been divinely guided, and I have stated to the Universe that I do not wish to commence my third book with an unexpected health or emotional trauma – let’s trust all of my consciousness is listening.

Until next time,


Copyright © Maria Lacey

One Path, Many Lights

Excerpt from One Path, Many Lights – Author Maria Lacey
Chapter 4 – Personal Responsibility

Within a couple of days I was sitting in my doctor’s room explaining the situation and sharing the documentation with her. She immediately arranged for me to see a vascular heart surgeon.

A week later I arrived at the hospital feeling a little nervous and uncertain, yet grateful to be there. My specialist was running late so I had plenty of time to watch other patients come and go. Some left with a look of relief. Others did not. One patient was admitted immediately. She looked about sixteen years old. I thought, Who am I to complain? Still caught up in my thoughts, I felt a gentle touch on my left shoulder and turned my head. Standing beside me was a mature-aged man who apologised for keeping me waiting and informed me that he wouldn’t be too much longer. I found my voice and said, “Thank you”, surprised that the specialist himself let me know. A warm, comforting glow ignited within my chest. I knew this man could sense my vulnerability and would look after me with gentle and loving kindness. Once again I whispered, Thank you.

Not long after, the nurse ushered me to a room nearby and closed the door behind us. She had my file and asked me a number of questions, which I answered as best I could, but nothing was going to hold back the tidal wave as I indiscreetly shared my horror story about my experience in the emergency department. She looked a little startled at first. Then her face softened, her shoulders dropped and I could see a kindness in her eyes as she listened intently whilst I shared my whole story then gently stated that the doctor would be in shortly and left.

The door opened and he entered, smiled and sat down. His smile reminded me of my loving grandfather who had passed away a long time ago. He looked at my file and then examined my neck. The throbbing had decreased in the past few days; there was not as much to see.

He explained that even though a twisted artery in the neck is unusual, I was very likely born with it. For some reason there had been a shift and it had popped out from behind my collarbone.

As if in a dream my mind returned to Koro: Maria you have had a shift in your energy field. The doctor used the same language. Was this coincidental?

He then picked up a pen and turned over the yellow envelope with my MRI results and drew a picture showing the artery — where it was and how it was twisted — then reassured me that I would be fine and not to worry. He told me it was important that no-one place an IV in that side of my neck because I could bleed out. If that was all I had to worry about it was not too much. I was certain they could use one of my many other veins first, as I have well-nourished ones that they couldn’t possibly miss.

He asked about my experience with the doctor in the emergency department. After listening, he acknowledged this could easily be mistaken as an aneurism. As he got up from his chair he reassured me that I had a very solid heart especially with what I had been through. He smiled and walked towards the door, pausing in the doorway and pointing to the file in his hand. “Is this the same doctor who wrote the report from the hospital?” he asked. When I answered yes I understood that he might have a chat to him later.

The nurse returned and, as we were walking out she said, “I’d be going home to have a good stiff drink after that experience.” I knew she meant at the emergency department in the hospital ten days ago. She then said, “Oops I really shouldn’t have said that.” I tentatively laughed as a mixture of feelings flowed throughout my body. It was as if I was two rivers running together, the outer river flowing clockwise and the inner anti-clockwise, both creating a wave, one of relief and the other overwhelming me.

I drove straight home feeling the need for the security and safety of my sanctuary. I sat in my comfy chair and, as I reflected upon the roller coaster ride I had been on, I became aware that I had actually created this myself. If only I had taken Koro’s advice, cancelled my week’s appointments and allowed the integration to occur naturally. I trusted and respected him so much and yet I chose not to follow his guidance. I had not respected or honored me. I had been too concerned about letting others down. In the end I had taken almost two weeks off work doing exactly that.

The experience had also brought greater focus on me and, to be honest, this was the last thing I wanted. I had opened myself up like a book on a table in a public library for all to read. I started to feel nauseous and realised how vulnerable and exposed I felt. I whispered, God please give me strength.

Not long ago I’d had an epiphany when I’d realised that I was an introvert, even though I appeared, and expressed openly, as an extrovert. I’d discovered that throughout my childhood I had developed extrovert qualities to survive it. The introvert in me loved her privacy and preferred quality time alone to replenish and re-centre. She enjoyed company but preferred to be in the background rather than the centre of attention. This was the true me — why hadn’t I respected and honoured her?

If you are interested in purchasing One Path, Many Lights – One Woman’s Personal & Spiritual Journey go to

Would love to hear your feedback either on this chapter or the whole book if you have read it. Please feel comfortable in commenting. If comment box not available below, click HERE and scroll down to comment.

Until next time,