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Voice of the Soul

-ancient-meditation-architecture-234541April last year I contracted a serious case of Dengue in Bali and I’d only been back in Australia a couple of weeks. I was listless, there was no room in my brain due to the encompassing fog that delighted in filling every corner.

In this week’s blog, I wanted to share a poem that I wrote at that time, you know one of those spontaneous downloads that you have to grab a piece of paper quickly and jot it down or else it’s gone forever.

Due to my illness, I was surprised anything even got through! Maybe it was spirit sharing with me, or the depths of my soul speaking.

Evolution – Author Maria Lacey

When we strip away the social constructs
The greed, the fear, the promise of power, the need to conform.

The illusion shatters

The insipid programming to move in line with a polluted stream that will never quench your thirst.
That keeps you searching outside of you

Away from the truth.
Further, further away.

Falls away

The shell cracks and the light once again is set free
Aah I can breathe

I feel with every cell,
I have a knowing beyond my experience.

Love, breath
Love fills me to overflowing.

There is no longer a thirst to quench

I’m at peace

Until next time, much love to you all


Maria Lacey was born in Australia. She has travelled extensively overseas being led by visions, dreams and spiritual guidance, which have often required a huge ‘leap of faith.’

Maria writes about life (the human and spiritual path), the adversity, learning, musings and triumphs. A successful entrepreneur with over 18 years in her own business, Maria humorously states, “I am my greatest case study.”

Maria is a qualified Counsellor, Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master Teacher, Spiritual Teacher, Meditation Teacher, Healer, Channel and Speaker.

Maria is currently writing her second book about her spiritual travels.

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Maria’s first book –

Gratitude, Love and Universal Guidance

girl-praying-handsBlogEach morning I wake and whisper, thank you, thank you, thank you, and I’m grateful to Dr. Wayne W. Dyer for that inspiration.

I’ve always said a gratitude prayer but these two words said three times, seem to invoke such an enriching feeling of warmth it makes me smile no matter what is happening in my life.

Thank you ..   Thank you ..   Thank you ..

Commencing my morning in gratitude opens my heart to the wonderful possibilities this day will hold. The day seems brighter, those I connect with seem more loving, smiling, maybe that’s because I feel love and express through love.

In 2010, I had a near death experience during surgery, and surprisingly, in 2016 I also had another near-death experience caused by an infectious mosquito whilst overseas in Bali.

Within two months of the first near-death experience I felt the urgency to write. I had been writing in a journal for years, documenting my travels overseas, writing to gain clarity and to release the consistent thoughts that bounced around in my head at times. But that day was different. I went into my study and found a new exercise book, feeling as though I was at the beginning of something.

In my art room, my place of inspiration and relaxation, I sat comfortably in a lovely old armchair, gifted to me by a good friend. I relaxed my body and, with pen in hand, wrote the date. I sensed a gentle touch on my shoulder, then an energy moved through my arm and into my hand. I let go and allowed my hand to do the writing!

That day marked the beginning of my whole world expanding.

It was the day the Guardians of the Light began channelling through me, and although I have struggled at times with my own lack of self-worth, I mean really, who am I to share this with the world?  Then, I realised after much internal debate, who am I to question a higher source who have shown me nothing but love, patience and knowledge, for they are a collective of divine beings from the universal source of light here to teach us not only to simply exist but to awaken us to love.

The Guardians of the Light have opened me to the possibility of a deeper more profound wisdom. It has awakened a freedom not felt or remembered in this life, and there is a knowing and profound heart connection to source.

Mind you, they have challenged my thinking, beliefs and conditioning, all with so much love, smiling, and sometimes tough love.

In my first book, One Path, Many Lights I share the beginning of that journey and some of their eternal wisdom and their love for the human race and what they call the earth star, our planet, Mother Earth.

Today I will share a small snippet of what is yet to come in my writings here on my blog.

A message from the Guardians of the Light

To choose love is to live a life free of fear
To choose love is to see only through love

Our children of earth, the energy of love knows no boundaries. This energy flows so pure and with such strength that your soul yearns to be within it. Yet your head and mind including those many thoughts maintain a connection to what is, what was and what will ever be.

This connection is not necessarily pure for it has been created on a human level, infused with fear and conditioning. This is the understanding that is required. For when you are in the purity of love, every cell within the human body flows with ease and will create a fullness of energy and life force.

Until next time, much love to you all


Maria Lacey was born in Australia. She has travelled extensively overseas being led by visions, dreams and spiritual guidance, which have often required a huge ‘leap of faith.’

Maria writes about life (the human and spiritual path), the adversity, learning, musings and triumphs. A successful entrepreneur with over 18 years in her own business, Maria humorously states, “I am my greatest case study.”

Maria is a qualified Counsellor, Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master Teacher, Spiritual Teacher, Meditation Teacher, Healer, Channel and Speaker.

Maria is currently writing her second book about her spiritual travels.

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When Writing Heals


I was reading over some of the Facebook posts I had made during the writing of my book One Path, Many Lights and the below post really touched me and I felt compelled to share it today on my blog.

Facebook note – 5-1-14

I have been sitting at my computer most of today writing my book and have added a new chapter which I never thought I would EVER share in written form.

I have also deleted some writing which was important before, but not so now. I have come to realise this book is like an abstract painting. Layers upon layers, imitating life.

Each stroke of the brush has its own unique colour and shape, all transpiring to create a picture, something visual that one can see and explore. Each person will look at this picture and feel and experience something different and unique to them. Each opinion will vary depending upon their own personal experience, expression and taste.

The timing is right, and I am willing to explore further where it takes me, and no longer fear where it may lead.

The journey continues xx

The new chapter I was talking about was Chapter Eleven – Through the Eyes of the Child … A chapter while writing healed further the inner child and empowered the adult to see with clear and wiser eyes. It offered my readers an opportunity to know me warts and all. It told the story of how often we move through life being driven by unconscious fears and beliefs that weave throughout our life often sabotaging our happiness and freedom.

They say that knowledge is power and it truly is, especially if felt as well as processed with our thinking mind. Writing surprisingly can do that for you and more. It can open you to a higher perspective of you, a deeper more profound soul connection.

Have you ever experienced a profound shift through writing in a journal?

I loved the line, the timing is right, and I am willing to explore further where it takes me, and no longer fear where it may lead. This line is as relevant today as it was then. It can relate to anything within your life – it opens up to possibility setting you free from self-limitations, and offering trust to step up and show you the way.

We all have challenges in our lives, experiences that stretch and move us. Take notice, listen to your body and inner voice, and heal through writing in your journal. Then embrace the lesson, gather the knowledge, put it in your tool box, get into your car and take the driver’s seat.

Don’t let your unhealed feelings and unconscious drive you.

There is profound wisdom within, and happiness flows when we are present and conscious in our life.

Love you x


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Coffee and Cheesecake

Have you ever had someone say something to you and you thought, how did they know that about me?

On this occasion, I was attending a weekend conference and one of the attendees who I’d only just met stated as I was leaving.

“Make sure you go and have a coffee and cheesecake this week Maria.”

My head turned sharply towards him, I was a little taken back and nervously laughed because cheesecake was actually my favourite dessert and how did this almost stranger know.

“Why?” I asked.

    “Because you work hard and you deserve it!”

I remembered smiling curiously at him, then saying goodbye as I made my way to the carpark.

It was Monday and I’d finished my morning seeing clients and that afternoon I’d planned to write my newsletter and do some well overdue book work but for some reason I kept hearing his voice in my head. Make sure you go and have a coffee and cheesecake this week Maria.

I’d tried to shrug it off but the voice only became louder. It happened to be a beautiful sunny Autumn day so rather than keep to my schedule I decided to listen and head up into the mountains.

I travelled through Silvan a well-known farming district and picked some brightly coloured fresh flowers from the growers, then drove into Monbulk a delightful country suburb thinking I’d catch up with friends and then we could walk to a local café and enjoy a coffee and you know it, cheesecake.

I drove down the main street in Monbulk and it was really busy and no available car parks. That seemed so odd as it was only Monday, not normal for this quiet country suburb of Melbourne. So, I continued and cut across the mountain.

I drove into Olinda a quaint little place and immediately found a park. Hooray! This was meant to be. I parked, jumped out of my car and strolled along the main street casually popping into stores and browsing.  I stopped in front of a wine bar and thought maybe they would have coffee but then decided they probably wouldn’t have any cheesecake. So, turned around and decided to go to a café across the road.

I was about to step off the path onto the road and felt a warm breeze past my left shoulder and turned to my left to see what it was. My eyes were drawn to a sign saying The Pie STOP. I stood at the curb then thought, maybe they will have coffee and cheesecake.  

I walked along the street and up the stairs and through the doorway to see on my right a beautiful cabinet with a big delicious cheesecake inside. Smiling to myself I walked towards it and a friendly mature aged woman served me as I ordered, yep you’re onto it, coffee and cheesecake.

I sat at a quiet table nearby and waited, then wondered.

Really Maria you don’t even feel like cheesecake right now. Coffee oh yeah, but not cheesecake.

While my thoughts were doing their thing, you know having a private conversation. I looked up to see someone that I loved very much and had been apart from for some time. My daughter came walking down the stairs. She immediately noticed me and to both of our surprise we came together in a loving hug.

It still brings tears to my eyes recalling that day, and of course the beautiful stranger at the conference who was the messenger. Did he know? I have no idea, but I’m incredibly grateful I chose not to ignore his message nor the signs along the way that gently nudged me to that very moment.

Looking back, I see how easily it could have been to guilt myself into doing my bookwork and writing my newsletter. I could also have persisted in finding a carpark in Monbulk and never ventured onto Olinda.

I’m grateful I chose to not think too much and flow with the energy of that day, which seemed to show me the way.

I mean really, coffee and cheesecake bought me together with my estranged daughter, and you know what? Maybe, I had been working hard and did deserve it.

Bye Bye 2016 and Welcome 2017

bye-bye-2016aYes the countdown has begun!

I can’t tell you how wonderfully excited and blessed I’ve felt with what I’ve achieved in 2016. Gratis it was a difficult personal year but WHAT A YEAR!

I remembered last year in my blog at this time I wrote:

For 2016 my word is TRUTH – Seeing the truth in my actions, thoughts and feelings. And with loving intention I will speak my truth with authenticity.

When we put an intention out into the Universe, it will collaborate, and create many experiences to bring forth that intention. I’m deeply thankful many opportunities were presented to me this year to heal, learn and grow.

It is said that 2016 was a nine year. A year of endings and a year of finding our voice.

Sadly, many beautiful souls also left our planet. I’d like to think they will play a special part in the greater plan to support us and our evolution.

As we grow in consciousness to SELF heal and SELF love, our relationship with ourself and others will organically shift.

Some will move out of alignment and others will move into alignment to where we are now. This is a normal and natural part of life.

When we act from a more conscious state, we become aware of our subconscious wounds, old patterns and beliefs that sabotage our actions. Having this awareness gives us a choice to change. Acting upon that change, then creates a vibrational shift not only within us, but within our world.

I wrote this prayer to encourage you to own, celebrate, release and accept your growth and the changes that have occurred. And especially be thankful to those relationships, including the subconscious behaviours, which may have caused discomfort and pushed you to a greater self awareness.

Divinity Prayer – Author Maria Lacey

Thank you for journeying with me on my path.

Thank you for the reflections, the lessons, the understandings, and the revelations.

We met for a reason, to learn and evolve.

Each of us played an important role.

Everything living moves and changes, we are no different.

Together let’s celebrate our changes,

And move beyond the past into the here and now.

I release our karmic ties with love,

Go with peace.

As I set you free I also set free ME.

2017 is a number one year, a year of new beginnings, new projects and new energy.

I’ve thought a lot about it, and my word for 2017 is:

SIMPLICITY – to have clear boundaries that serve, love and support me, and to think, speak and act from my heart. To laugh and play a lot, and not take things too seriously.

What is your word for 2017?

May you enjoy the remainder of 2016, set your intentions for 2017, and may the Universe supply you with an abundance of love to support you in creating all that you desire.

With love and a generous hug,


The Dengue Experience

BelieveInThePowerMariaLaceyHello beautiful souls,

Life has a way of growing us … An experience will enter our life to give us an opportunity to become more conscious and evolve.

The many who have been following me on Facebook will know I contracted a severe case of Dengue Fever and nearly died in Bali. I’m pleased to say, four months on, I’m well on the road to recovery and now back working part-time. Laughing, having had five near death experiences in this life time, I’m beginning to feel as blessed as my feline friends.

At one time whilst unwell in Bali, I slipped into the depths of darkness, my spirit although weak, recited continuously. “How may I serve, how may I serve.” As my spirit reunited with my physical body I felt an ember ignite within my heart, and a movement of a gentle breath, then a sense of comfort filled me.

There had been a profound shift. I had emerged through the darkness into the light.

Sometime later when I was back home in Australia, and began processing this event. I realised the fearful inner child would have said, ‘why is this happening to me?’ She would have been terrified, yet she surrendered, and I remembered that moment so distinctly.

In my heart I know an aspect of her has healed. I have noticed her nurturing me. Wonder, playfulness, creativity and curiosity have returned, and a new freedom is being felt. Inside I feel more peaceful and gentler than ever before, and I have a greater awareness of my every thought and action.

Through this awareness I am more accepting, compassionate and understanding of me, although the reality of our world sometimes feels crushing, I am consciously pausing and healing from the inside out.

As the DOING and busyness spurred on by fear and strong belief systems is fading into the background, and as I surrender to BEING. I feel a gentle quietness and ease within myself and my world. Life becomes more simplified, and movement flows within a loving and synchronistic stream.

The inner conflict begins to fade and I breathe in love, and breathe out gratitude.

There are many of us experiencing difficult moments filled with uncertainty, confusion, fear and loss. It seems to be a Universal theme at this time.

The Guardians of the Light share…

“WHAT WAS, IS NO MORE … It is time to move within the Universal stream of light and surrender to your soul’s yearning. Hear the voice of your soul and allow the brilliance of your light to shine. It is time to shed the old and step into the new … for you are all Children of Light do not be afraid of the power within …

Know your heart will guide you.”

Putting ourselves as a priority and loving and healing ourselves is not selfish, nor withholding from others. It is necessary!

Remember the chrysalis cycle of the butterfly.

Until next time, with love and hugs,


Full Moon Rituals for health & well-being

Full moon2 (2)

Emotional Healing – Moon Water

Many years ago during my sleeping hours and at a time of intense personal and emotional turmoil my Guidance shared with me the below information to assist me in my hour of need. I have over the years shared this with many and now offer it to you.

They called it ‘Moon Water’

  1. Fill a glass bottle with water or many if you choose and place these bottles outside under the light of the moon on the night of the full moon.
  2. Leave overnight and in the morning bring them inside.

I don’t refrigerate the bottles as I believe in drinking my water at room temperature so therefore I would drink these bottles and share them with others over the next 3 to 7 days.

A very simple task to do and from personal experience drinking the moon water has certainly assisted with my emotional healing process.

There have been many people over the years you have said the water feels like velvet on their tongue and in their mouth, and tastes different, and have shared many stories as to their own personal healing experiences. Now I am neither a doctor/scientist nor a naturopath/homeopath, but I choose to offer this information because:

  1. We are a community and its free, and ..
  2. I believe that nature is the most wonderful healer of all and in the spirit of love I share this gift from my guidance to you.

Many years ago we would naturally drink and bathe from our rivers gaining the nourishment we required to feed and cleanse our bodies, fully empowered by the natural cycles of the moon. Unfortunately today, all of our water is filled with chemicals and pushed underground to our homes and businesses. Thus the natural source of Mother Nature’s healing is not able to be accessed organically due to the pollution and containment that has been created by us.

You may also notice emotionally, physically and spiritually it can be difficult and uncomfortable when the seasons change.  Many years ago we would be prepared through our diet due to certain fruits and vegetables coming into and out of season, which I believe assisted us naturally to adjust to the seasonal changes making it normal for things to come and go in our lives.  Today we have access to all food year round, and we live in our homes and offices with the temperature set to whatever season we choose it to be!  Something to think about 🙂

Full Moon Ritual – Letting go

The night of the Full Moon is an opportunity for you to release and let go of what no longer serves you. Remember that the moon represents ‘feminine’ energy which is very nurturing, loving and strong. Please find below an example of what I do each Full Moon.

Required: paper, pen, lighter, stone bowl or safe container to burn in.

  1. Sit quietly and write down on a piece of paper all that you choose to let go of, keep it simple and be clear. This can be personal behaviours and attitudes, relationships, health issues, situations that are out of your control and it is time to ‘let go and let God/Angels/Universe’ (whatever your belief system is) take care of.
  2. Remember that if you cannot be clear when writing your intent, then you are possibly not ready to release. Be kind, loving and compassionate to yourself.
  3. Once finished roll the paper into a scroll then go outside taking with you a lighter and safe container. (Be careful on a windy day and ensure that it is safe for you and your neighbours)
  4. Take a breath and give thanks to the Moon Goddess, the Universe/Source and any other benevolent being or deity you choose.
  5. Light your piece of paper and place in the container.
  6. As the paper burns, hold your hands out with palms up and say;

“Through the light and strength of the Moon, may the angels carry my heartfelt intentions to be healed and blessed for the greater good of myself/all.”

  1. Hold that energy for a moment. Breathe
  2. Then place your hands in prayer position and say;

“I thank you with gratitude in my heart for listening and supporting me at this time, and I release all expectations, and trust that all shall be for my highest good.”

Do not hold onto or think about what you had chosen in that moment to release.

helium balloonImagine holding a helium balloon with a string. Inside the balloon is what you chose to let go of. Now, if you do not release the string, how can the Moon Goddess/Universe do what you have asked? By being mindful of this, you may in that moment realise as I have done over the years. At times, I have said, I’m ready to let go, yet I still thought about it and carried it on the perimeter of my being, and often within my emotions and body.

Due to this I have not been truly committed to letting go, and realised maybe I wasn’t quite ready, yet when the time was right, it fell away with ease.

Trust that you find these helpful and look forward to you sharing your thoughts.

Until next time,