Breaking Through the Illusion of Fear


Have you ever been nervous before an event? My hand’s up high and waving I have!

It was a beautiful sunny day, and I was on my way to be a guest speaker to a group of peers, and my heart was racing, hands were sweating, and my throat felt so dry and lumpy I kept swallowing trying to clear it.

Have you ever suffered social anxiety or anxiety of any sort … ME, ME, ME yep!

Breathe Maria I kept on saying, and then it came to me to ask my higher and wiser self to fill me with love and anchor me in peace.

Instantaneously, a quietness emanated from within along with a warmth and comfort which calmed my body as well as my mind. Then my voice broke through reciting the below words with such gentleness and clarity:

Love is the key to all that is me

Love is my nectar

Love is my nurturer

Love is my strength

Love is my power

I kept saying this mantra over and over again…

It was thirty minutes till I’d reach my destination. My voice had become stronger and louder, and I felt a swell of love as I embodied those words with such heart and harmony.

By the time I arrived, I was enchanted, in love, and in alignment with me. The speaking engagement flowed brilliantly, and I felt grounded yet light as a feather and shiny as a star.

It’s amazing what can happen when you ask your higher and wiser self to help, and even more amazing when your heart is so open and flowing all fear associated ailments just disappear.

Until next week,


Maria Lacey was born in Australia. She has travelled extensively overseas being led by visions, dreams and spiritual guidance.

Maria writes about life (the human and spiritual path), the adversity, learning, musings and triumphs. A successful entrepreneur with over 18 years in her own business, Maria humorously states, “I am my greatest case study.”

Maria is a qualified Counsellor, Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master Teacher, Spiritual Teacher, Meditation Teacher, Healer, Channel and Speaker.

Maria is currently writing her second book about her spiritual travels overseas.

For further information about the author go to:

By Maria Lacey

An award-winning author of One Path, Many Lights, a spiritual and personal memoir. Maria writes about life, the adversity, learnings, musings and triumphs. A therapist, healer, performance artist and speaker Maria humorously states, “I am my greatest case study.” For more information about Maria and her work visit her website at

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