Hawaii – Transition – Epiphanies


Two weeks ago, I arrived home from my trip to Hawaii and what a trip it was my friends. In fact, who would have thought that Pele the volcano on the big island would decide to erupt within a couple of hours of arriving? Fortunately, I was on another island, and I can honestly say that I’m still processing the writer’s retreat held in Turtle Bay and the spiritual initiations experienced on Kauai. Oh, and now I have three books on the go lol 😂

During my first week home, I became unwell which unexpectedly allowed me time and space to process further, and this week epiphanies and clarity have been flowing in abundance.

In the past couple of years, I’ve thought all I’d been doing in my business had to change and resisted running the popular workshops and classes I had previously. I felt in transition and hoped that something would emerge to show me my direction and had been searching both outside of myself and within for inspiration.

Then speaking with a friend on the weekend I witnessed myself say, “For a long time now I’ve felt I had to find different things to do, but I now realise, it’s not about doing different things, it’s about doing things differently.” So, in other words, all of what I’ve done in my past in my business was still valid and important. Aha moment here guys.

I listened to those words long after the conversation and shook my head. OMG, that’s it. The universe had sent me signs through many ex-students over the past twelve months asking and sometimes begging me to begin a meditation class once again. I kept saying no, it doesn’t feel right because in my head I was supposed to be doing something different. Then other colleagues said, “Do it virtually, you can see more people that’s what everyone’s doing today.” But, that still didn’t feel right even though I was planning to begin a virtual class in June. You see I’ve realised, I love teaching, and being the ultimate nurturer, I love to create a sacred space and see the transformation in my students’ and clients.

Another epiphany, I now completely understand that all of the deep soul healing I’ve been personally doing over the past couple of years has supported me to heal the past and change what hasn’t served me. Previously, I had little focus outside of my work, for my work was my passion, and it drove me.

Now, although still my passion, I’ve come to realise I’m passionate about my life.

I’m an introvert and need time to replenish my energy and have been blessed with a beautiful, sensitive little pup, Maggie, that I adore and has come into my life to divert my attention while bringing me so much joy. I love to write, and I love to travel and feel the freedom to go where I’m inspired to be, for I’m a creative, energetic being.

Still true to my purpose to support, and inspire hope in others yet at the same time honour and create for me. I’m such a different person now, with stronger boundaries, and a real want to be Maria and not always the counsellor, healer and teacher.

Let’s face it.. we can certainly attend to our higher purpose and at the same time give as much attention to ourselves.

While writing this article, I can feel the excitement and passion filling me to the brim. Maybe by sharing my process, it may assist you too especially if you’re struggling with work, family, life, balance.

Love, love, love processes and the divine wisdom we have, yet it sometimes takes space to be created so that we hear, and I mean REALLY HEAR those magical words.

I’ve now sat down and had a strategy session, laughing with myself. I’ve set up my week so that I can include all that I love and the importance of sharing with those that I love. Doing this has given me a renewed passion for my business and how I can support more people through my classes and workshops, therefore working more effectively.

There’s a saying, “Work smart not hard”.

Inspiration seems to be flowing as the creativity sparks. I’m so excited about life, living and loving, and I’m aware that I flow best when I honour myself and keep my mind flexible and open, and move accordingly.

Until next week,


Maria Lacey was born in Australia. She has travelled extensively overseas being led by visions, dreams and spiritual guidance.

Maria writes about life (the human and spiritual path), the adversity, learning, musings and triumphs. A successful entrepreneur with over 19 years in her own business, Maria humorously states, “I am my greatest case study.”

Maria is a qualified Counsellor, Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master Teacher, Spiritual Teacher, Meditation Teacher, Healer, Channel and Speaker.

Maria is currently writing her second book about her spiritual travels overseas.

For further information about the author go to: http://www.marialacey.com.au/

Maria’s first book – https://www.amazon.com/One-Path-Many-Lights-Spiritual-ebook/dp/B00YOIOTIS

By Maria Lacey

An award-winning author of One Path, Many Lights, a spiritual and personal memoir. Maria writes about life, the adversity, learnings, musings and triumphs. A therapist, healer, performance artist and speaker Maria humorously states, “I am my greatest case study.” For more information about Maria and her work visit her website at www.marialacey.com.au.


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