Magical Blessings in Hawaii

First Published Sibyl Magazine August 2018 Recently in Hawaii, a place filled with mana, the energy of the ancient, an essence felt like a gentle cloud lifting your spirit. We landed in Honolulu and then took a flight to Kauai the smallest island of the Hawaiian group, yet the oldest. Several hours after we landed Pele… Continue reading Magical Blessings in Hawaii

Hawaii – Transition – Epiphanies

Two weeks ago, I arrived home from my trip to Hawaii and what a trip it was my friends. In fact, who would have thought that Pele the volcano on the big island would decide to erupt within a couple of hours of arriving? Fortunately, I was on another island, and I can honestly say… Continue reading Hawaii – Transition – Epiphanies

Hawaii Here I Come

Hawaii here I come… this journey has been a long time coming, although I know everything happens when the time is right, I’m delighted it is here, and I leave tomorrow. Let me share why I’ve felt a strong urge to go to Hawaii. There was a time I spent many months on the North… Continue reading Hawaii Here I Come