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Did I Ever Tell You – Poetry in Motion


Did I ever tell you how much I love you
Or did you hear it in the whispering of my thoughts
I could have, would have and should have
But the time was never right.

Today, I sit in silence for your not around for me to say
I love you, I truly love you
Please don’t go away.

Was it my pride that stopped me
Or the fear and pain of my past
I love you, I really love you
And now its too late for the time has passed

But maybe you will hear my thoughts
No matter where you are
For my love, I love you, and I’m not too far

Have a blessed week.

Until next time,


Maria Lacey was born in Australia and has travelled extensively overseas being led by visions, dreams and spiritual guidance.

The author of a personal and spiritual memoir, One Path, Many Lights. Maria writes about life (the human and spiritual path), the adversity, learning, musings, and triumphs.

A successful entrepreneur with over 19 years in her own business, Maria humorously states, “I am my greatest case study.” Maria is a qualified Counsellor, Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master Teacher, Spiritual Teacher, Meditation Teacher, Sound Healer, Channel, Author and Speaker.

Maria feels passionate about restoring hope into the hearts of many.

For further information about the author go to:

Maria’s first book –

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  1. followingyouall #

    Maria Katerina, you have the words and feelings that makes us all wonder how deep one can go. Go after him young woman ###

    Liked by 1 person

    September 13, 2018
    • You make me smile with warmth in my heart 💓 Will do young Beryl xxx


      September 13, 2018

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