You Hold the Power

Whilst the world is in disarray, we wish to talk about how the human population can support themselves and the Earth.

Your Earth has been ailing for some time, and this pandemic has allowed her to breathe and begin the replenishing process.

Children of Earth, it is time to raise your awareness as to the consequences of your actions. Each of you, in your way, have added to the ailing of the Earth.

There is no blame, yet we ask you to be mindful of your material waste and emotions. Yes, children of Earth, your emotions affect not only yourself, the people around you, and your environment. They also add to the collective energy that weighs heavily on all species, including the Earth.

Our message is simple. You are responsible for your actions, and you hold the power. 

In all ways, we have been guiding many of you to understand that you have been here before. There have been many plagues and natural disruptions throughout human history. Why do you think this is so? 

Let’s look at the Crystalline energy. For how long you have drilled into the Earth and removed the Crystals for profit and glory. Do you think those magnificent crystal caves are devout of any substance? We are here to say they are not! The crystalline energy is vital to the Earth, they are a collective of celestial beings bringing light and healing to the Earth. 

Imagine if someone chose to remove all your veins. How would the oxygen be transported throughout your body? The Earth is alive, and you dare strip and dismantle her. 

Your journey on this Earth is one of exploration and learning. It is time to realise, become conscious of, and action the wisdom that resides within each of you. You are an exceptional being of light that has chosen to live within this realm. 

Cherish and embody your body, for it is your temple that houses your soul. 

Love and honour this Earth for it provides you life, for, without it, you would not be living.

Children of Earth, you are not powerless! Every action, thought, and emotion can either support you and the Earth to thrive or erode all that is life.

Know that you are loved beyond your recognition. It’s time to embrace self-love and care, and thus, you will be honouring yourself and the Earth.

We love you and remember you are never alone in your plight xx (Guardians of the Light)

With love,

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By Maria Lacey

An award-winning author of One Path, Many Lights, a spiritual and personal memoir. Maria writes about life, the adversity, learnings, musings and triumphs. A therapist, healer, performance artist and speaker Maria humorously states, “I am my greatest case study.” For more information about Maria and her work visit her website at

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