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Navigating Unchartered Waters


In a world, conflicted, restricted and in fear. It’s sometimes hard to extract ourselves from this consciousness that feeds our deepest fears, raising insecurities, past wounds, shame, blame and the uncertainty of our future.

Today, I would love to offer you some comfort.

Breathe dear ones, for your breath flows through all that resists healing, and moves through the impossible to creation itself.

Yesterday, it was just that. Today is being reborn each morning as the sun rises. YOU, dear ones can breathe life into this new dawn.

As the light rises so does the illumination of your spirit. You are illuminating, and although at times, may feel the darkness of clouds shrouding your light. Know that your breath will ALWAYS show you the way and keep you in rhythm with this very moment.

As I wake each morning, I say a gratitude prayer for there is always something so beautiful to be grateful for. Something as simple as thank you for my comfortable bed, and the fact that I’m healthy this morning and have the freedom to CHOOSE how I approach my day. Let’s face it! There are many things out of our control right now, but we can choose to accept and surrender to what we CAN experience and move with grace within the light of our own breath.

There are many times throughout my day when I realise my breath is shallow. I stop and gently breathe down into my belly and slowly release. Ahh, it feels so nourishing and nurturing, and I repeat another two times.

Three loving conscious breaths which bring me into the here and now, and anchor me upon this earth so I make conscious and loving choices that honour me.

In this time of isolation, here in Melbourne, Victoria. I’ve learnt to go with the flow, simplify my thinking, extract myself from the noise of commercial television and social media, and rejuvenate in nature. Then, I feel into my day and enjoy the inspiration and peace that follows.

Below I have some ideas that may support you, and please remember, you have incredible intuition, so let it guide you:

  • Organise a walking buddy. Someone that you enjoy their company creating a positive experience for you both.
  • Check the news on an app rather than watch all the drama unfolding on the television. At least reading the news on an app, you can choose what stories you wish to catch up on.
  • Leave groups on your social media that don’t inspire and support you currently. You can always rejoin later if you choose.
  • Unfollow friends on Facebook that are causing you distress by their posts. This doesn’t unfriend them, and you can follow again in the future.
  • Be proactive and contact those you love either by phone or video. Please don’t isolate yourself, stay connected.
  • Feel into your body and let it guide you. If you’re feeling tired and lethargic, maybe you need to stretch your body, meditate, drink more water, go for a walk, or even rest up and enjoy a movie.
  • Don’t force anything! It’s great to encourage and motivate yourself, but please don’t shame and blame. That doesn’t serve anyone.
  • Be kind and compassionate to yourself and know it’s natural for your emotions to go up and down.
  • Structure your day and give it purpose and allow for flexibility.
  • Reach out if you need some help for there are many services available to support you. It takes courage to reach out when you’re feeling vulnerable, and that IS strength.

Remember, you are a beautiful soul navigating unchartered waters, and you are not doing this alone, the whole of humanity is with you.

Love you,


Online Counselling & Mentoring – as a registered level two counsellor you don’t have to do this alone. Be heard, gain clarity and feel reassured. Know you will receive strategies to support your daily living.

Allow me to assist you, book an appointment through my online calendar.


Your Presence is Needed


Dear ones, your presence is needed.

Today all that is and will be depends upon your attention. For today marks the beginning of your life.

You are the designer, the champion and the creator.

You have indescribable skills yet to be seen.

Life as you know it is now of the past. For today is yours for the making.

We love you and know that love flows like an everlasting stream, pure and nourishing.

Embrace this moment with reverence.

Love you 💗


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You Have the Power


The energy of Mother Earth exemplifies her unique code of light to enhance yours.

Dear ones let not your day be spent in isolation. Talk with the plants, ingest their beauty, and let the light of the morning sun shine it’s light through you.

YOU are the garden, you have all of the cycles of Mother Nature within.

Blessed be you child of light, for today breathes a new dawn.

Love you 💗

For those of us in stage four lockdown in Victoria, Australia. Utilise you’re hour outside, so that you may nourish and activate the light within you x


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