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Navigating Unchartered Waters


In a world, conflicted, restricted and in fear. It’s sometimes hard to extract ourselves from this consciousness that feeds our deepest fears, raising insecurities, past wounds, shame, blame and the uncertainty of our future.

Today, I would love to offer you some comfort.

Breathe dear ones, for your breath flows through all that resists healing, and moves through the impossible to creation itself.

Yesterday, it was just that. Today is being reborn each morning as the sun rises. YOU, dear ones can breathe life into this new dawn.

As the light rises so does the illumination of your spirit. You are illuminating, and although at times, may feel the darkness of clouds shrouding your light. Know that your breath will ALWAYS show you the way and keep you in rhythm with this very moment.

As I wake each morning, I say a gratitude prayer for there is always something so beautiful to be grateful for. Something as simple as thank you for my comfortable bed, and the fact that I’m healthy this morning and have the freedom to CHOOSE how I approach my day. Let’s face it! There are many things out of our control right now, but we can choose to accept and surrender to what we CAN experience and move with grace within the light of our own breath.

There are many times throughout my day when I realise my breath is shallow. I stop and gently breathe down into my belly and slowly release. Ahh, it feels so nourishing and nurturing, and I repeat another two times.

Three loving conscious breaths which bring me into the here and now, and anchor me upon this earth so I make conscious and loving choices that honour me.

In this time of isolation, here in Melbourne, Victoria. I’ve learnt to go with the flow, simplify my thinking, extract myself from the noise of commercial television and social media, and rejuvenate in nature. Then, I feel into my day and enjoy the inspiration and peace that follows.

Below I have some ideas that may support you, and please remember, you have incredible intuition, so let it guide you:

  • Organise a walking buddy. Someone that you enjoy their company creating a positive experience for you both.
  • Check the news on an app rather than watch all the drama unfolding on the television. At least reading the news on an app, you can choose what stories you wish to catch up on.
  • Leave groups on your social media that don’t inspire and support you currently. You can always rejoin later if you choose.
  • Unfollow friends on Facebook that are causing you distress by their posts. This doesn’t unfriend them, and you can follow again in the future.
  • Be proactive and contact those you love either by phone or video. Please don’t isolate yourself, stay connected.
  • Feel into your body and let it guide you. If you’re feeling tired and lethargic, maybe you need to stretch your body, meditate, drink more water, go for a walk, or even rest up and enjoy a movie.
  • Don’t force anything! It’s great to encourage and motivate yourself, but please don’t shame and blame. That doesn’t serve anyone.
  • Be kind and compassionate to yourself and know it’s natural for your emotions to go up and down.
  • Structure your day and give it purpose and allow for flexibility.
  • Reach out if you need some help for there are many services available to support you. It takes courage to reach out when you’re feeling vulnerable, and that IS strength.

Remember, you are a beautiful soul navigating unchartered waters, and you are not doing this alone, the whole of humanity is with you.

Love you,


Online Counselling & Mentoring – as a registered level two counsellor you don’t have to do this alone. Be heard, gain clarity and feel reassured. Know you will receive strategies to support your daily living.

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Together through Tough Times

close up of tree against sky

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The energy currently is a little surreal and weird, don’t you think? Who would have ever thought we would experience such a global lockdown?

There’s not one person unaffected during this global pandemic either emotionally, mentally, physically, spiritually or financially. I genuinely feel it’s time for introspection and gentleness, compassion and kindness for ourselves and others.

WE have got this! It’s important to know you are not alone for we’re all in this together.

It’s time to negotiate what we can, let go of what we can’t, and step into a vibration of presence. I’m enjoying my mindful walks and appreciating the fresh air with much more awareness and gratitude. Although we’re self-isolating I’m free to choose, and often will turn off the electronics, open a book, meditate, draw and paint, and I even bought a set of cards to play solitaire.

Smiling, it’s wonderful to touch something real, feel the textures, notice my breath, my body, and enjoy the scenery. It’s nourishment for my spirit amongst all the uncertainty.

Being present is a gift of living with simplicity.

A moment in time as we return home to ourselves, our heart, and to what’s important to us. It revives our energy, opens us to receive, and when the time is right, we will rise once again like the phoenix enriched with greater awareness and renewed.

Through adversity, something powerful emerges from within. Resilience is born, courage steps forward, and our vulnerability becomes our strength.

Some of the greatest gifts to humanity came when someone was at their lowest point and surrendered their struggle and gave it over to God/Universe. You, my friend, can change your mindset, and allow rather than push and struggle.

Maybe it’s time to clean out that cupboard, fix up the garden and house, learn something new, play with your children and partners, cuddle your animals, connect to someone you haven’t spoken to for some time, and see this as an opportunity to thrive rather than survive.

Remember, it’s okay to have good and not so good moments, you’re certainly not alone in these emotions. There is so much grief within our collective consciousness.

Let your tears fall, for they are healing you from the inside out.

My heart opens to you, and I feel you and believe in you.

Let’s hold a sacred space for each other. Love you 💗


Online Counselling & Mentoring – as a registered level two counsellor you don’t have to do this alone. Be heard, gain clarity and feel reassured. Know you will receive strategies to support your daily living.

Allow me to assist you, book an appointment through my online calendar.



Women are Dying Younger


Artwork by Maria Lacey (Katerina)

Sitting in a treehouse, yes, I’m telling the truth an impressive home built in the Mount Dandenong Ranges in Victoria, Australia. As I begin to write, a kookaburra gains my attention as it flies from one tree to another, flapping its wings loudly and sounding its laughter. It makes me giggle, and I realise how contagious laughter is.

Laughter opens us to joy. It releases all of those wonderfully yummy hormones that make us feel good. It eases stress and brings us into the present clearing away the head clutter. Laughter opens our heart, clears our throat and allows the purity of expression to be liberated.

It is healing, uplifting and downright funny! Yet, as adults, we often go for days without laughing. I mean, when was the last time you had a good belly laugh? Was it on your own or with others?

In recent times, while doing some professional development, a requirement for qualified counsellors. I came across some research saying, “Women are dying younger compared to previous decades due to loneliness and despair” It surprised me initially, then I considered some of the main contributing factors why women in their thirties through to late sixties consult with me.

A majority expressed feeling starved of emotional connection and were searching for meaning in their lives. They had a need and want to expand and grow and find value in themselves, and be valued by others, and this was not exclusive to single women.

So why are we feeling such despair?

Could it be we’re more disconnected today from social structures? I’m not meaning online, but personal gatherings where we can give and receive a hug, banter, watch body language and interact as human beings.

Women are meant to be communal. We are the nurturers, the seers, the wise women the wilderness. We seem to have lost connection with our tribe, and with ourselves. For centuries women gathered to support, nurture, learn, teach, laugh and cry together.

Young thirty-somethings are awakening to their soul paths and wanting to share their passion with the world. They express a wish to have a partner to walk alongside them, and that is across all age groups.

The human being is not meant to be isolated. We are meant to be in a community feeling connected and included.

Touch, eye contact and embrace are more powerful than any words. Everyone knows when they see me, I will always offer a hug. Why? Because it feels soooo good, and as much they say I’m a generous hugger, I receive abundantly in return.

If you’re feeling isolated and alone, please reach out and connect with someone. Know your interests, explore your curiosities, and connect to people with similar.

You ARE OF VALUE do not slip into the darkness. Shine your light bright and allow yourself to be seen. Your tribe is waiting.

Love you,


PLEASE NOTE: In the New Year I will be sharing about my weekend workshop and an online course for women called Women Nurturing Women® … Stay tuned for further information ❤

Maria Lacey was born in Australia and has travelled extensively overseas being led by visions, dreams and spiritual guidance.

An award-winning author of a personal and spiritual memoir, One Path, Many Lights. Maria writes about life (the human and spiritual path), the adversity, learning, musings, and triumphs.

A successful entrepreneur with over 20 years in her own business, Maria humorously states, “I am my greatest case study.” Maria is a qualified Counsellor, Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master Teacher, Spiritual Teacher, Meditation Teacher, Sound Healer, Channel, Author and Speaker.

Maria feels passionate about restoring hope into the hearts of many.

For further information about the author go to:

Maria’s first book –

Heart Retreat


I’m sitting in my kitchen, the French doors are wide open, it’s been raining, and I can’t help but breathe in the freshness of the air. Love, the delicious smell of nature after a good rain.

Although the scene appears quiet and contemplative, there is a community of boisterous ravens and other species of birds in conversation. Laughing, no matter where we are, there is always sound around us, which reminds me that the only real quiet place is within.

Let me share a story relating to that place of complete silence.

It was time for my annual check-up at my doctor’s. You know the blood tests, blood pressure check, breast examination, etc. I had entered the reception area and noticed some patients coughing and spluttering not looking well, which of course is the very reason why they were there!

However, even though I was seeing my doctor, I was healthy and decided I needed to cocoon myself in a beautiful golden bubble of light, a sanctuary away from the infections flying through the air.

So I sat, created my bubble, closed my eyes and meditated in that beautiful healthy and loving energy.

The next moment, I felt someone place their hand on me gently shaking my shoulder and speaking in a clear, loud voice, “Maria, are you okay, open your eyes if you can hear me?”

I did and found several people surrounding me and although a little surprised I responded in a calm, and quiet voice, “I’m sorry I was meditating, is it my turn?”

You see, I had gone so deep into that beautiful silence that my breath was barely noticeable and a patient had informed reception convinced I had died sitting up in my seat.

It’s hilarious when I reflect back to the paradox of relieved, and confused expressions on their faces.

With practice, you too can disconnect from the external noise, create your sanctuary and connect into the silence of your soul, a peaceful, and loving place to be.

If you’d like to learn more about these practices, I invite you to join my mailing list.

Until next week,


Maria Lacey was born in Australia. She has travelled extensively overseas being led by visions, dreams and spiritual guidance.

Maria writes about life (the human and spiritual path), the adversity, learning, musings and triumphs. A successful entrepreneur with over 18 years in her own business, Maria humorously states, “I am my greatest case study.”

Maria is a qualified Counsellor, Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master Teacher, Spiritual Teacher, Meditation Teacher, Healer, Channel and Speaker.

Maria is currently writing her second book about her spiritual travels overseas.

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Skin Cancer – It is a reality!


I remembered sitting in the waiting room of my skin cancer specialist and noticed a room filled with older men and women who were around my grandparent’s age. My doctor had referred me because she felt I had a basal cell carcinoma, skin cancer on my back.

I said to myself, it can’t be, I’m only thirty-nine.

Then thoughts filtered back to my childhood when I was a little girl running around in my frilly little nickers in the sun and having fun. My mother was an avid sunbather, and of course, in those days sunscreen wasn’t talked about nor heard of. I can’t remember how many times I had blistered shoulders, nose and forehead. I do remember my sister and I used to love peeling each other, the longer the strips, the more excited we became. Thinking about it today grosses me out a little.

Having the specialist check my spot confirmed that I did have a small BCC and I found myself booked in for a procedure to take it out. I didn’t completely understand what they were to do, but apparently, they took out the size of a large olive and then stitched me up. For a period I had six-monthly checks, and during that time they found four other BCC’s and one squamous cell carcinoma on my face.

Then, I was back to annual checks, and last year I went for that yearly skin cancer check, and they found five solar keratosis spots, which are classified as pre-cancerous and likely to turn into squamous cell carcinomas.  I know them well because I do self-checks and I’m in at the doctor’s straight away because I believe in prevention rather than cure, but these were on my back upper shoulders, and I hadn’t noticed them. He diligently used cryotherapy – freezing with liquid nitrogen which destroys the abnormal cells within the solar keratosis.

At the time they also found an aggressive squamous cell carcinoma on my upper arm, so I was back in surgery. I was freaked out. I am each time. I don’t think anyone likes the idea of being cut into, but I was incredibly grateful that I had continued to take responsibility and looked after myself and not allowed the fear to put me into denial.

My doctor put me on a three-month alert, this was last year, and to my shock, I was in surgery once again but this time, for a suspected melanoma. I’m grateful to say it wasn’t.

So now, back to six monthly visits.

I’m sharing this very personal journey with you today because I want you to know that skin cancer is REAL especially here in Australia because of our harsh sun and our damaged ozone layer. When I asked the doctor how skin cancer affects people today compared to ten years ago, he stated that they are getting younger and younger.

I remembered seeing a young man in his early 20’s leaving the surgery before my appointment. My doctor shared that a young person who was only nineteen was diagnosed that week with a high-grade melanoma.

No longer is the waiting room filled with older people!

So please if you notice anything unusual, such as a dry skin patch that doesn’t seem to heal, a mole that changes colour or you choose to have a skin cancer check for the reason only of prevention knowing we are in a harsh climate. Then follow your intuition, do your research and get in there and have a full body check, that part doesn’t hurt!

Remember that some skin cancers are preventable and when picked up early are easy to remove, such as mine!

Until next week,


Maria Lacey was born in Australia. She has travelled extensively overseas being led by visions, dreams and spiritual guidance.

Maria writes about life (the human and spiritual path), the adversity, learning, musings and triumphs. A successful entrepreneur with over 18 years in her own business, Maria humorously states, “I am my greatest case study.”

Maria is a qualified Counsellor, Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master Teacher, Spiritual Teacher, Meditation Teacher, Healer, Channel and Speaker.

Maria is currently writing her second book about her spiritual travels overseas.

For further information about the author go to:


Hot Flushes – Get Me Out Of Here!


Sundays, a day I usually put aside for relaxing while I enjoy a leisurely breakfast dressed in my pyjamas. No rushing, just the pleasure that I can look like scary Mary for as long as I choose, providing of course I’m not caught by someone knocking on my front door. Then, I might giggle afterwards as to the surprised and sometimes shocked look by the person that stood there.  I could tell you many stories of being caught, which I have to admit are hilarious, embarrassing and downright memorable, but today we will have to stick to the subject Hot Flushes – Get Me Out of Here.

This particular Sunday I woke at 6.30am feeling on top of the world. I got up, put some washing on, enjoyed my breakfast of cooked quinoa with a little maple syrup, some goat’s milk and a dollop of Greek yoghurt, and then enthusiastically began cleaning my house. Now I know I said I put aside Sundays for relaxing, yet surprisingly the result of seeing my house clean, was very relaxing for me. I’m sure there has to be others like me out there. Finished! I paused, it smelt and looked great, now to a nurturing and cleansing shower, then dressed and ready to appreciate the rest of my day.

When you work from home it’s a breath of fresh air to go out and have a coffee or lunch somewhere, and a change of scenery can inspire the creativity and help replenish your energy.

Now looking and feeling good I decided to pop into my local shopping centre. There’s a nice little café that had scrumptious gluten free muffins and a good soy latte. The staff were always welcoming, and I could sit in a corner on a comfy chair and not feel pressured to leave. Bliss

Having parked, collected my mail on the way in and ordered my soy latte and muffin, I’d sat down to relax and write. Now half way through my muffin and enjoying my cuppa I looked up from writing and …

A rush of energy erupted through my neck and face, creating a bright cherry red, and my face felt as if it was on fire. Oh no … a burst of perspiration exploded from every pore in my body …. If only I could tear off my top!

Realising I only had a bra underneath, this was not an option. I looked around to see if anyone had noticed. I talked silently to myself, okay, I won’t drink any more hot coffee, and Maria take your time and enjoy your muffin. I took another bite, see it’s not as bad as you think. Beads of sweat trickled down my face and in-between my breasts. My skin burnt against my clothes and the chair felt hot and uncomfortable. I’d hoped that when I got up it hadn’t left a pool of water, or worse still a sweaty wet patch on my behind. I touched my forearm and it was clammy, my underarms felt soaked. I thought to myself, Oh good Maria this is just great! Okay now breathe. But breathing did not ease the heat, nor the anxious feeling rising within my chest not unlike pins and needles.

Alright, get up slowly and head for the door….. it’s okay, no one will notice you….. once outside and in some fresh air, you will be fine.

I packed up my things sadly looking at the barely drunk coffee and half eaten muffin and thought to myself, it doesn’t matter, you didn’t need it anyway. Don’t we justify beautifully.  I’m on my way through the shopping centre feeling quiet exposed and vulnerable. I stopped at a dress store to hide behind a rack of clothes as I indiscreetly blew up my face to cool myself down, my fringe moved with the rush of air. My eyes searched for a mirror to check the back of my trousers.

I started to feel a little better and glanced to my side to see this elderly lady sitting on a nearby bench smiling at me. You know with that knowing smile. I whispered, menopause, she smiled and said, “Yes I know dear, been there and done that.” All of a sudden the body now screams out, THANK YOU, someone understands, and then responds with an almighty hot flush just to confirm! My eyes quickly darted around searching for an escape. I hastily nodded with acknowledgement to the lady, and with as much dignity as I could muster, I raced towards the double doors trusting that they would open quickly and allow me to GET OUT!!

In the safety of my car, I wound down the windows, put on the air, felt the breeze on my face and laughed…. oh did I laugh. Why did I laugh so much?  Because my experience flashed in front of me like a movie, and all of a sudden it looked quiet comical.

Now some of you may be thinking, thank goodness I’m not anywhere near menopause or I’m a man and I don’t get menopause. For those females that are not there yet, your time will come. It is a rite of passage that we all flow through, and some of us easier than others. For those men shaking their heads; if you are in a relationship with a female, have a mother, sister or female friend, it might be worth your while doing a little research to gain an understanding of a woman’s hormonal changes, which can affect us and YOU in many ways.

It’s interesting the word chosen for this rite of passage – MEN O PAUSE – hmmm I wonder whether that means anything.

Later that day I was talking with an elderly male friend and, he kindly said to me,

“Maria it’s only a power surge.”

The sound of that word, power surge, saw me visualise myself with an enormous light illuminating from within. It connected me to my inner strength and my feminine power, and this time my body did not choose to respond with a sudden burst of heat. It felt empowered and I felt proud to be a woman, hot flushes and all.

Trust you have enjoyed reading my article and I look forward to your feedback.

Until next time,


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