A Compassionate Heart Breathes

First published in Sibyl Magazine August 2019 Thank You, Thank You, Thank You. These are the words I say often. I love to hold my hands gently over my heart centre as I breathe deeply into my heart, feeling the gratitude with such warmth and comfort. How do you find comfort in your life? How… Continue reading A Compassionate Heart Breathes

Perception – Do We See the Same Thing?

The dictionary’s meaning of Perception: A) The ability to see, hear or become aware of something through the senses B) The way in which something is regarded understood or interpreted. Do we see the same thing? Interesting question … Have you ever looked up at the sky and noticed a shape in the clouds such… Continue reading Perception – Do We See the Same Thing?

Why Do We Fear To Live?

Why DO we fear to live? In some ways, it’s easy to be scared. It gives us an excuse not to fail. But fail at what? Living? Depending on your belief, and if you believe we only live one life. Then why are we wasting it! If you believe in reincarnation, why are we playing… Continue reading Why Do We Fear To Live?